RDPS are committed to ongoing training and development to ensure that the services we offer are the very best possible.

We currently hold, or are studying towards Diplomas in:

Pet Care Services,

Dog Training &

Dog Behaviour.

Naomi is also DBS checked as she is the primary key-holder for clients that require this service.

Clients' keys entrusted to us are held in a lockable box and do not show the address or location of the property


Naomi has loved and owned animals throughout her life.

Naomi holds a Diploma in Pet Care Services awardeed with Distinction and is also working towards a Diploma in Dog Training and Animal First Aid. She is also DBS checked.


Steve is great with dogs and particularly enjoys walking along the beach and playing ball!

Steve works away, but helps out with RDPS when he is home. He's great with all animals and cats find him especially alluring!

When Betty had her puppies, he was working away and Naomi had stayed up for five nights straight. He came home from Germany and took over with military precision, lining the little pups up and making sure everyone had a chance to feed as well as cooking chicken for Betty!


Ruby is our daughter. She's loved animals, especially dogs and cats since she was a baby. In fact, her first words were "Jilly Dog" (our previous black labrador!)

Here's Ruby as a baby with our beloved Jilly Dog.

Ruby is studying towards a Diploma in Dog Behaviour.


Betty is the chief matriarch dog in our home.

She is a loving and gentle soul who had 8 gorgeous puppies in 2018 and, as we fully expected, made an excellent mum. We kept one, who we named Elsie.

Betty is one of those dogs who knows what you are thinking and wants to comfort you when you're unhappy. She really is one in a million.


Lynda is a great walker and can cover enormous distances with the most lively dogs!

She has owned and loved dogs most of her life and wouldn't be without her Rosie ( a Golden Retriever) and Peggy (a Golden Labrador and another of Betty's puppies!)

Apart from her amazing gift of stamina for long walks, Lynda's gift is incredible compassion for the animals she cares for.


Elsie is Betty's daughter, born in June 2018. She's the comedian of the house.

Elsie has a wonderful temperement. She likes to watch TV, especially nature programmes.

Three of Betty's puppies stayed in the family and the other five went to people we knew or who were well-known by people we trusted.


Mandoo is a very affectionate little cat and sister to Azriel.

She likes to sit on Steve's lap or shoulder whenever she can.

Mandoo is the acrobat of the house and loves cat nip!

Here's Mandoo looking slightly surprised when she was woken up for the photo!


Azriel, sister to Mandoo, is much more girly than her sibling. She's soft and loving and not as acrobatic as Mandoo.

Azriel is a little nervous and likes lots of personal attention from her family.


Salem is a Bluefaced Leicester sheep, born in April 2019. He has a twisted neck so his future wasn't rosy on the farm where he was lambed by Ruby. Ruby rescued him and we are committed to providing him with the happy, safe life he deserves.

Salem now lives at Hilltop Farm Animal Sanctuary near Longhorsely, where he can learn how to be a sheep and have sheep friends. We plan to visit regularly.